See the difference as a beauty

See the difference as a beauty 01:28

Many of us as being labeled as the most perfect creature for the differences and questioning the difference. That when those differences are part of the perfection that we have. God would not have created everything exactly the same, because the law of balance will not work if everything looked the same. And I think you should know about it.
imagine if all look the same in this world, what would you do? How will you enjoy life if everything looks the same and so flat? How do you see the beauty of life?

Differences like a color. If all colors look the same and only one color like red, what is beautiful than that? Imagine if the rainbow has only one color like red, what you can enjoy from a rainbow?

The difference is part of the mystery of God to beautify your life, look at the differences and accept it and do not ever assume that it's a problem that bothers you. Enjoy life with a difference.

With the difference, you could be a great man.
You will be a great person if you are different from the other., And you must accept it and enjoy completely.

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